Regan Marock

Founder | Managing Partner

Regan founded Foxrock Management, LLC in 2020.  He has spent the vast majority of his fifteen year career in the property management industry assisting two companies not only with generating millions of dollars in revenue but also creating the offering to present to potential clients.  Regan joined KW Property Management & Consulting in its infancy in 2006 prior to the “great recession” of 2008, and after the two managing partners, he was the third executive to be made an equity partner at the age of 25 for his contributions to the company including being intimately involved in taking it international.  After ten years of service, in 2016, Regan sold his equity shares in KW Property Management & Consulting and its subsidiaries (including RKW Residential).

Regan was also intimately involved in assisting AKAM, a 38 year old firm founded in New York, grow their Florida division by over 40% in a two year period prior to their sale to a private equity firm at the beginning of 2020.   


Regan has a passion for security and dedicates time every day to the industry.  By retainer through Kent Services, a national private security firm, he was the Chairman of the Kent Task Force which was for five months comprised of members with backgrounds in real estate, law enforcement, military, human resources and janitorial.  He has had a lot of exposure to the security industry over the past 15 years and spent the majority of 2020 focused on the security industry in a consulting role on both the physical and technological side. 

Regan is a member of the CEOMC and he is also a member of AIPAC.  Regan was born in Johannesburg South Africa, coming to the US as a child in 2001.  He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree in Finance.  He is married and the proud father of two boys named Ben and Aaron.

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